The Institute for Applied Consciousness Research (IACR) was founded in September 2008 as a research institute devoted to research on information fields, mind-matter interaction and non-local effects of human intention coursework uk.

It is our goal to demonstrate the influence of human consciousness on matter and to sensitize the public to the topic by drawing their attention with concrete experiments.

We are interested to find out:

  • if certain alleged effects work indeed (replications of experiments of other researchers, such as William A. Tiller, the PEAR Lab, and Nikolai Kozyrev)
  • How exactly they work in concrete practice
  • If they work, how the efficiency of the effects can be improved, and
  • How the effect of mental influence on matter can be implemented in the form of concrete technical devices for everyday application

We would like to develop a “switch” that can be operated by the human mind at a distance and will start some measurable physical process.

Here is a short introduction to our work:

YouTube Preview Image

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