Experiments on Interpersonal Field (Non-Local) Effects

Different types of experiments concern interpersonal field effects of non-local type. The experiments on “Distant Mental Influence on Living Systems” (DMILS) by William G. Braud and collaborators have shown that people possess the ability to exert direct mental influence on various distant biological systems which are shielded from all conventional informational and energetic influences [Braud & Schlitz 1983, 1991; Braud 2003].

Investigations of empathically linked pairs of persons by Jacobo Grinberg-Zylberbaum [1987], Jiri Wackerman et al. [2003, 2004], Jeanne Achterberg [2005] and other researchers have found interhemispheric and interpersonal EEG coherence and occurrence of evoked potentials in the unstimulated partners after the separation through a Faraday cage.

Biophoton measurements at the International Institute of Biophysics (IIB) in Neuss (Germany) have demonstrated that not only the human organism is permeated and surrounded by a very weak, but highly coherent electromagnetic field (“biophoton field”) of 200-800 nm, but also that meditation and healing  can increase the coherence of the human biofield considerably, as it is the case with the coherence of the brainwaves in the EEG [van Wijk & van Wijk 2004; van Wijk, Ackerman & van Wijk 2005]. A combination of the above described experiments on interpersonal EEG coherence with biophoton measurements during various states of consciousness as carried in the Meluna Research Laboratories and at the University of Leiden by Prof. Roeland van Wijk and Dr. Eduard van Wijk in Amersfoort (the Netherlands), could also be of interest for the IACR.

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